May 2020 Update

Product of the Month

Each month we choose a special product we have created to showcase on our monthly round-up. Check out the product we chose for this month below.

Houtkapper - wood accessories - 3-legged milking stool
Houtkapper - wood accessories - 3-legged milking stool
3-Legged Milking Stool

The milking stool is one of those furniture items that is just so simple, versatile and useful that I feel every house should have at least one of them. No longer used according to its origins, we use ours inside and outside as extra seating, as a side table for coffee, wine or snacks and even as a small table for a dinner plate when our dining table has been taken over by various projects. It is light enough to pick up with one hand and take wherever needed, sturdy enough to hold the weight of an average individual and small enough to not occupy too much space in the home.


Out of the Workshop

Butterfly Necklace

Australian Tea Tree timber

Taylor Lantern

Australian Spotted Gum timber

Crooked Wooden Spoon

Silky Oak timber

May Chit Chat

All on my own with coffee, music and dust…

The workshop has been a great place to self-isolate, although I do miss being able to spend time with family and friends. I have mostly made smaller accessories this month and have found it to be very rewarding. Despite the size of the objects, they each still require the same amount of sanding and finishing to achieve a beautiful end-product – smaller is not necessarily faster as I have found out! I have been experimenting with the knots I make in the leather straps for the necklaces and that has been a lot of fun. One of my favourite knots so far, that my husband introduced me to, is the diamond knot. It is a couple of turns and twists up on the Carrick’s Bend knot and quite decora-tive, but still simple enough to use on a necklace. Anybody else out there making knots?
Houtkapper wood accessories - kitchen utensils, breadboards

Tree & Timber of the Month: Macadamia

Houtkapper timber of the month - macadamia

Macadamias are native to the area we live in and my husbands’ parents established a small orchard about 30 years ago, which still produces plenty of nuts. Although it is known for its nuts, the macadamia tree also has a beautiful timber that ranges in colours and shades of pale to dark pink and brown. The timber also darkens with age. The timber displays a beautiful lacewood-like effect when sawn at the correct angle and is highly decorative when finished well. It is, however, also very prone to splitting and borers (as are most fruit and nut trees). As a result of this, I have only had the pleasure of working with smaller pieces of timber that I have used for making accessories.

From Wikipedia: It is a genus of four species of trees and constitutes part of the plant family Proteaceae. Other names by which it is known is: Queensland nut, bush nut, maroochi nut, bauple nut, and Hawaii nut. In Australian Aboriginal language the fruit is known as bauble, gyndi, jyndilli and boombera.

Personal Raving

At the start of this woodworking journey, I was having quite a few struggles with getting my branding and website sorted. Unfortunately I had initially employed someone from the ‘Big Smoke’ to assist me with this but at the end of that contract I still didn’t have a proper brandboard with colours, fonts, mood etc and my website was really difficult to maintain with lots of glitches. Another woodworker at our local woodworking group told me about a local graphic designer that had helped them with their website and branding and that is how I got onto Jen Mulligan. She has basically done everything again for me, from scratch. It was (and still is) so good to have her artistic and design input in the process as well having the freedom to make changes where I wanted them – all at a very reasonable price. Not only is her quality of work fantastic, but she has been so easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing to develop and maintain their brand and website.

Jen Mulligan Design - Houtkapper Personal Raving of the month

Quote of the Month

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”
– Norman Vincent Peale


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